Marissa D. Reis

Director of Rehab Services

I am a proud born again Christian who is married to a beautiful hunk of a man, Ray Reis Jr. I chose to come to America and am a proud citizen. While still living in the Philippines I graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy. I helped others learn the profession while serving as a Junior Professor at Manila Central University and St. Jude College from 1996-1999. During this time I also worked as an Exercise Physiologist and Physical Therapist in Manila and served as the assistant dean of Mary Johnson College until 2000.In 2000 I moved to New York and got my license to practice Physical Therapy there. In 2003 after making the move to Washington state I went to work for Kline Galland home until 2008. I have working as the Director of Rehab for Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center since 2008.

Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s dedication to improving our Residents quality of life is a clear indication of having priorities that truly matter. I love the strong leadership and team atmosphere. After all, it’s always about our residents. I strongly believe in making a maximum difference in whatever I do. To be a Physical Therapist in the midst of a dedicated team of professionals is a perfect recipe for success. I love being part of enabling our Residents realize their hope of regaining a sense of independence at whatever level it may be. It is such a rewarding vocation.