To Burien Nursing and Rehab Center,

I want to comment on the excellent staff that took care of my wife Eileen B. while she was a patient at your facility.

From the moment we got here, your care and concern was apparent. and it grew as time progressed. Eileen, I, and our daughters always felt free to talk and “kid” with the nurses, and with all the other staff. The helpfulness and interaction of all your folks, even if Eileen wasn’t their patient, was excellent. You all put a strong effort into getting Eileen back on her feet, but it was not to be. We have taken Eileen home to her familiar surroundings. But I am not sure that she will get the same great care and understanding which she got from you.

I wanted to say a special thank you to your kitchen/food staff. The food you served was always at a good temperature and very, very tasteful. Even Eileen, who tends to be somewhat picky, liked almost all of it and always wanted me to share it.

Also a great thank you to your physical therapy staff. Every one of their members befriended Eileen even to the point that she remembered some of their names.

How can I possibly express to all of you, each and everyone, who cared for Eileen, how much you mean to me. Thank you for your care, your concern and your patience!!! Thank you not only for your concern for Eileen but also for the many kindnesses you’ve shown to me and our daughters. I will miss my cup of mocha at lunch and dinner and the many other times I got it.

I will forever be grateful and will remember you always

With love and appreciation,

Heinz Gehlhaar

We Love What We do here at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation, this letter to our staff is just a reminder of why we all love coming into work every day. 


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