Amy Stewart

Director of Dietary Manager

I became a Certified Dietary Manager in 1991.I attended Indiana Vocational College to achieve this. I started out as a cook in a skilled facility and thought “gosh being a manager looks pretty easy.” So, I enrolled to become a certified dietary manager.

In 2003 I enrolled with Penn State College to further my education with an associate’s degree in Dietetic Food Systems Management. I found that I really enjoyed learning new things. Although it took me 5 years to complete the degree I did it.

I soon found that it is not that easy being a dietary manager! Along the way I gained more experience and encountered projects that tested my skills.

We then relocated to the Seattle area and I found a new set of challenges to test my skills. Not only was there a culture difference there was menu differences as well.

Fast forward to 2010 and I found myself looking for new employment. I had the opportunity to interview here at Burien. What I found was a calm building with many friendly staff. I came away from this interview thinking “I really hope they call me back.” Lucky for me Lynda did! It had been many years since I had to start at a new facility. I was welcomed warmly. The expectations of the building are high but I would much rather work in this building than any other. I find that every morning as I walk down the hall I am greeted with “good morning” from staff and Residents alike. I see helpfulness from staff to residents throughout the day. I know that it is their job but it is the way it is done, through conversations and anticipating needs. There is just something special about this building. Through the years I have worked at other buildings and found none that compare to this one.

When I look at our residents I see some one’s Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, or Uncle. If they are none of those, they are someone’s Son or Daughter. I ask myself “is this where I would want my family to be?” “Would I eat this meal?” “Would I want that meal to be given to my family?” And to each of those questions I would answer “Yes, I would.”