Elbou Ouldtaki

Resident Care Manager/Evening Shift Supervisor

I was born in Mauritania and raised in Gambia. I am very happy to be an American!

I became a licensed nurse in 1998 and worked in skilled care for a while. I opened up an agency to provide nurses to the area hospitals and skilled nursing homes. I provided a necessary service but did not find joy in doing it.

In 2001, I returned to the skilled nursing setting! I worked as a nurse on the floor, a supervisor, and a Resident Care Manager, gained so much experience and enjoyed caring for my patients so much.

I worked for an Assisted Living company as the Resident Service Director and then the Health Service Director. I enjoyed this too…I wanted to be more involved with direct care.

Since that time, I’ve been in skilled nursing facilities! I currently am a weekend supervisor at another facility and am at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as a Resident Care Manager. I love working here a lot, I am treated as an equal. I am with my friends/coworkers/family! I walked here as an employee and felt like family after a week. They remember my birthday before I even think about it, ask about my kids…they know me.

I enjoy the diversity at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Religion does not matter. I found my second family! It doesn’t matter if you are the boss…we are all partners and are treated with respect and genuine kindness.

I have four kids and a lovely wife. When I am not working (I work a lot), I spend every last minute with my kids…they bring me absolute joy!