Lynda Baldwin


Hi, I am Lynda Baldwin the Administrator at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. I love being an Administrator. According to my Mom, I was born in an Austrian nursing home in Bangkok, Thailand. My Dad was in the army at the time.

I am from a family of 10 and have a large extended family in Kansas. Farmers, priests and several aunts and cousins work in healthcare, so you could say it’s in my blood.

While at the University of Washington completing my undergraduate degree in Biology, I started as a receptionist in a nursing home. From that time on, I have been working in Healthcare, first on the financial side and then as an Administrator. In 2000, I became the Regional Vice President for 9 facilities. Later I was the Director of Operations for 12 facilities. After 6 years of traveling, it was time to come back home. Burien was my first facility as a new Administrator back in the 90’s.

In May 2008, North American Health Care, Inc. became the service organization for Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. They hired me November 2008. It was a troubled facility, rated 1 star by Medicare and in serious need of a renovation.

The immediate changes made were all safety related. State of the art high-low beds were purchased for the entire house to replace the aqua (oh my!) crank style beds, lifting equipment, and other necessities. The next step was to invest in the staff: hire the very best people to complement the amazing core staff that was already here and renovate.

Our family of staff is dedicated, hard working and very loving. It is often said that we have the nicest staff, and I could not agree more. Our vision, mission and values statement sets forth a testament of what we truly want for our residents and families. The entire team has the mind set of “doing the right thing”.

With the investments in our facility, our staff, Burien Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has gone from a 1-star facility to a 5-star facility. Year after year, the component that weighs the most in the 5-star rating is the unannounced survey by Department of Health and Human Services.The survey process is thorough and grueling at times. Through hard work and ensuring adequate staff and resources, we have achieved good surveys year after year.

I am honored to work with the great team at Burien Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

When not at work, I enjoy (usually :) ) the company of my two children who are 18 and 15.They are terrific kids and keep me laughing.Traveling is a passion of mine landing me most recently in Prague/Budapest and Scotland for the 3rd time. Castles and Cathedrals! I love reading, music and theater. I enjoy camping, hiking, boot camp (sometimes :)) and any museum.

When I retire, I would like to be an Art Docent at Seattle Art Museum, when I’m not traveling that is.