Mary Taylor

Admissions Coordinator

“Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and sympathy.”

I started working in the hotel industry at the age of 18. I held various positions from housekeeping, shuttle to airport, front desk and restaurant services. . Although I loved working in the hotel business because it was a lot of fun with a lot of great people, I took a job offer from a friend to work in aircraft sales. This was an opportunity for me to learn an entirely different industry with its own challenges.

In 1988 I was offered a position at Virginia Mason Hospital doing intake of new patient registration. This was my first opportunity to be in a job that truly makes a difference in someone’s health journey and I found it very rewarding. Around this time I also became engaged to Dino.

I did leave the health industry when a friend asked me to become her Salon Coordinator. I was included in many business decisions and learned the ins and outs of the daily business including ordering inventory, banking, staff management ect. Due to the failing health of the owner I eventually did need to move on to other employment. As life should work out my sister Lynda was starting her family and was in the need of a nanny. From 1995 until coming to work at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 2008 my days were filled not only with Lynda’s babies, but also my sister Jan’s son and then the addition of my own two children.

Returning to the professional field after so many years at home was a bit scary and intimidating for a short spell then I blended in just like I’d always been part of the team. My co-workers and family members appreciate my abilities in seeing that everyone is being taken care of to the best of Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s abilities. I am most concerned with every patients experience from admit to discharge I follow thru on every little detail. This foremost focus of this is patient care and comfort!

For the most part I’ve grown as a human being a lot these past few years. I’m very appreciative my life has propelled me in this direction of caring for others. It’s allowed my family including my husband of 22 years, 14 year old son and 8 year old daughter to have some security and pride in knowing one way or another we will always survive.

Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is my now. It is a privilege every day to come to work and make a difference in other people’s lives