What do I recommend about Burien Nursing & Rehabilitation? EVERYTHING! My husband was here for four months after a brain hemorrhage. The entire staff including administration, nursing, therapy, activities, aids, kitchen, laundry & janitorial are all phenomenal! Everyone went out of their way to make us both, feel welcome & cared about. They went out of their way and above & beyond in so many, many instances. They know everyone's names and treat all residents with respect & dignity. Other medical providers complimented them to me too. You can't go wrong here! They took excellent care of my husband and got him self sufficient enough to be able to come home!

Darla L.


Thank you so much for being so kind and attentive to my husband during his stay in your facility. Everyone in your facility seems to revere the elderly people they care for. He can be very ornery and not follow instructions very well but the staff seemed to know how to get him to participate. The nursing staff and physicians were wonderful. Even the employees who cleaned the rooms and fixed things were so pleasant. He looked forward to having cocoa every morning and at lunch time too.He made friends while he was there with other patients everyone wanted to sit at their lunch table because I usually had a special dessert for them. Your dining room is especially nice being so large and light.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful care of our dear father and husband. You are a top-notch facility with a very caring staff. We especially want to thank all the rehab staff. They made his day, every day. You are the best! We were very taken with the way you handled things and caring for us the day of his passing. We are missing him terribly but thank you for helping him and us through a very difficult time.

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Burien Nursing and Rehab’s professional and caring staff made all the difference in my speedy recovery. A clean environment, attentive staff members and volunteers. Thank You!

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We would like to thank all of you at Burien Nursing and Rehab Center and those who directly helped our dad. Jennifer, Manjinder, Maria, Gonzalo, Sabrina, and the admission staff, the BINGO ladies and all who contribute to his care. You have made a great difference in his life. He is happy, healthier, grateful and optimistic all because of you. This is the stage in his life where we have seen him more content and entertained. BINGO and other games are his favorite activities and he talks about his many friends he has made here. We are so grateful to have found the most caring and professional place for my father. Jennifer thank you for the great words about our dad. Blessings to all and thank you for a great job.

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Your loving care will never be forgotten. The nurses and CNAs are the best, so friendly and compassionate. I will never forget the good and bad times we shared with all of you. God Bless all of you! Thank you!

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My stay here has been most helpful and pleasurable. The staff have been very helpful and friendly. In particular, the therapy has been very personalized to my pre-existing needs and the ones I arrived with.

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Recently, I was a patient at Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. After a few days, I pretty much got my bearings and I was made comfortable by your staff. It impressed me that every department head, from the laundry to the Admin. Office, came to me and introduced themselves and asked if there was anything they could do for me. I am not used to such a positive attitude (this being the third time I had to be taught to walk again coming out of a coma.) I have been in more than one rehabilitation program, as well as extended stays in five different hospitals. Many of these places, I would not go back to. Never in my life have I ever been treated and cared for with such consideration and dedication to my recovery and personal goal achievements. One of the most impressive things about Burien Nursing and Rehab, is that my self-respect and dignity were very important to people that work there. By the end of my stay, I felt like I was a member of a large family.

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To all the Employees at Burien Nursing and Rehab Center,

I wish to thank all of you for the care and kindness you gave to my dear wife while she was in your facility for the past 3 years. I know that your kindness and consideration for her made her life most comfortable, especially following the last place she was at. I must say thank you all so very much. Sincerely,

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I have never seen an entire staff of hard-working, dedicated, well-trained, non-stop men and women like the employees you have here. Other businesses would be fortunate to have a crew as you have here. The people they serve can be very trying to care for, quite often!

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